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Granola Yogurt

If you’re trying to gain muscle to bulk up, the key is to increase your calorie intake along with a proper exercise regimen. For many, this can be challenging when busy and active lifestyles make it hard to eat enough. It might be tempting to reach for any source of extra calories or resort to supplements in an effort to add muscle, but these aren’t always the healthiest or most effective strategies. Still, there are things you can do to achieve healthy weight gain for better military fitness.


Pre-Accession Nutrition

Nutrition is critical for optimizing and sustaining physical and mental performance as well as supporting accelerated recovery.  GO

Eat Like An Athlete

Sample training day fueling plan.

Note: Individual Needs And Preferences Vary!


HPRC Warfighter Nutrition Guide

The Warfighter Nutrition Guide contains strategies and recommendations for all aspects of performance nutrition for Military Service Members. It covers the spectrum of nutritional needs to optimize the performance of Warfighters under the most rigorous conditions. GO

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