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Swimming Laps


The purpose of the IFT is to assess a candidate's physical abilities for entry into an AFSW career field. This test is comprised of several events which candidates must pass. Candidates will complete all portions of the test even if they do not meet all components' standards to determine physical condition status. Failure of any event will result in overall IFT failure. Test administrators will explain IFT procedures, including explaining and/or demonstrating proper calisthenics form before starting the IFT. Individuals must coordinate with a 330th Special Warfare Recruiter and be cleared by the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) or have a current sports physical before participating in the IFT or Developmental sessions.

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Schedule an appointment with your SW Recruiter,

complete the Pre-IFT Packet,

and watch the IFT demonstration video below for detailed instruction.

IFT, Formerly Known As The PAST, Demonstration Video

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