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The Airmen who earn the title of SERE Specialist are expertly trained as multi faceted Personnel Recovery (PR) mission planners and experts in Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape tactics, techniques, and procedures. They operate in all environmental conditions and may be employed alone or part of an Air Force, Joint, Interagency, or Coalition force in support of PR and Global Access objectives.

SERE Career Tasks & Capabilities


SERE Specialist deploy in support of operational requirements for theater and Joint Force Commanders as SERE and PR subject matter experts to support conventional and nonconventional recovery. They manage PR programs and augment multiple Command and Control & Recovery Agencies as needed. Additionally, SERE Specialist are responsible for the verification and transmission of areas for evasion, recovery corridors, contact sites, areas of interest, potential cache sites and infrastructure.

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SERE Specialist manage the USAF SERE Program. They plan, perform, supervise, and lead SERE functions of initial training, mission preparation & planning, and PR exercises. Additionally, SERE Specialist perform observer and controller duties for high‐risk‐of‐isolation personnel to ensure safety of participants, appropriate desired learning outcomes, and document lessons learned


SERE Specialist instruct and perform static line, military free fall, and emergency parachuting techniques in support of premeditated jump programs, formal jump training, and SERE Initial & Refresher Training. They perform parachutist duties in support of approved DoD exercises. SERE Specialists are designated the AF subject matter experts for Aircrew parachute egress in an operational environment, at home station or deployed. Conducts Developmental Testing and Evaluation (D&TE) and Operational Testing and Evaluation (O&TE) on Guardian Angel and SERE/Aircrew equipment.

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 Fitness TEST

• 8 Pull-ups

• 48 Sit-ups in 2 Min

• 40 Push-ups in 2 Min

• 1.5 Mile Run in <11:00 Min


  • 18 - 39 years of age

  • US Citizen

  • Pass the IFT

  • Medically qualified through MEPS

  • Normal Depth Perception and Color Vision

  • Minimum of GED or HS Diploma

  • Pass the ASVAB

  • Good moral/financial standing

  • Must be eligible for a security clearance

  • No Claustrophobia

  • No Fear of Insects or Snakes

Per Month

  • Basic Pay $1650

  • Special Duty Pay $225

  • Airborne $150

  • Freefall $75

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