Your Recruiter and T3i Field Developer work together as a team to ensure you are aware of all the opportunities the Air Force has to offer. We will work with you to find the right career path, to improve your chances of success, and to launch you into the Air Force. It is important that you understand each of the AFSPECWAR career fields before making your decision. 

Heavy Weightlifter


As a new candidate, your focus should be to pass the PAST and achieve the highest score possible. Check here periodically for updated Strength and Conditioning, Running, and Swimming programs designed to help you maximize your performance while in the DEP. Be sure to talk with your T3i Field Developer for help choosing the best plan to meet your training goals.  

Fresh Produce


Nutrition is Key to Succes. The demands of military service, training, and missions are unique, requiring strength and endurance—physical and mental—to succeed. One factor that can enhance your mental and physical performance and contribute to mission success is good nutrition. 


HPRC Warfighter Nutrition Guide 2020