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First-Term Airmen (FTA) and NCOs interested in retraining into one of the four Air Force Special Warfare career fields Pararescue/PJ (1Z1X1), Combat Control/ CCT (1Z2X1), Tactical Air Control Party/TACP (1Z3X1), Special Reconnaissance/SR (1Z4X1), or Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape/SERE Specialist (1T0X1) will need to visit the AF Portal and access myPers and apply for Retraining.


You can also check your eligibility at


Candidates selected to retrain into PJ, CCT, TACP, and SR will attend the Special Warfare Candidate Course. From there, retraining candidates for PJ, CCT, and SR will attend Assessment & Selection, and those retraining into TACP will attend the TACP Preparatory Course. SERE retraining candidates will attend the SERE Specialist Orientation Course (SST-OC). At the conclusion of these courses, successful candidates will begin their respective pipeline schools for each of these career fields.



The Prior Service (PS) program is an enlistment program, allowing a select number of separated individuals to return to active duty. Enlisted Eligibility Determinations (Required for all PS applications) and additional waivers may be required for disqualifying conditions.


Prior Service Program options

  • Direct Duty: All applicants (all AFSCs not retraining) will be pre-qualified by the Air Force Recruiter. Once member is tentatively qualified, the Recruiter will upload DD214, REDD, last five EPRs (or LOR/LOE if EPRs are not available) and Point Summary (Guard/Reserve). If approved, continue to Prior Service Determination. (Prior Service applications are approved/disapproved based on the local recruiting Squadron commander and Career Field Manager’s discretion)


  • Retraining seats will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis. Prior Service Retraining seats are re-allocated at the beginning of each fiscal year. (Prior Service applications are approved/disapproved based on the local recruiting Squadron commander and Career Field Manager’s discretion)



***All Prior Service members must meet current general military service eligibility requirements***


There are several pre-accession qualification obstacles that prior service applicants must overcome to be eligible for a PS enlistment, coupled with additional requirements to enter AFSPECWAR career fields. The stages of joining can be broken into 5 steps: Prior Service eligibility interview (Air Force Recruiter), ASVAB/MEPS screening, IFT or Initial Fitness Test (T3i Field Developer), Career Field Manager review and final approval from the Recruiting Squadron Commander. Once all previous steps have been completed, the Squadron Operations team can submit a request for an upcoming course seat or assignment.


Prescreen/Interview (Air Force Recruiter)

  • The most common disqualifications or conditions requiring waivers are (but not limited to): DD214 RE Code (Re-Enlistment code other than 1), Height/weight, open law violations, education, single parents, too old/young, no driver’s license, excess debt, etc. **For all current requirements, please contact your local Air Force recruiter.


ASVAB & MEPS Screening

  • Please contact a local Air Force recruiter to determine if your ASVAB scores are still valid and meet the current AFSC minimum score requirement. The MEPS Physical is extremely invasive for Prior service military members due to their entire history being accessible by the MEPS personnel through the MHS Genesis program. Your recruiter will assist with prescreening and scheduling your MEPS physical.


IFT (Initial Fitness Test)

  • Once an applicant has met the minimum ASVAB score requirement and cleared the MEPS medical screening, the applicant must meet the minimum fitness scores on the IFT (conducted/recorded by a T3i, Field Developer). Please review the below attachment for current IFT standards.

  • Initial Fitness Test IFT Worksheet

  • 330 RCS FY23 PS Determination Checklist                                                                                             



AFSPECWAR CFM (Career Field Manager) review

  • The Prior Service applicant and SWR (Special Warfare Recruiter) are responsible for ensuring the applicant has met all eligibility requirements and completion of the Prior Service determination. The SWR then submits the PSD to the 330RCS (Recruiting Squadron) Operations team. The Op’s team will then review for accuracy and submit the retraining or direct duty application to the AFSPECWAR CFM’s for approval/disapproval. If the CFM determines the candidate is approved for desired AFSPECWAR careerfield, the 330RCS Op’s team will then request approval from the Recruiting Squadron commander.


Recruiting Squadron Commander’s approval/disapproval

  • The 330RCS Commander is the final approval authority for an eligible Prior Service applicant to enlist. 330RCS Operations submits the CFM approved PSD to the Squadron Commander to determine if the applicant is viable candidate to Enlist into the Air Force. If approved, 330RCS Op’s team can then request an upcoming retraining course seat or direct duty assignment to HQ Air Force Recruiting Service.

References & Contacts


Air Force Recruiting Service SOPG (Standard Operating Procedural Guidance—See local Recruiter for current Guidance)

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