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As a new candidate, your focus should be to pass the IFT with the highest score possible. Check here periodically for updated Strength and Conditioning, Running, and Swimming programs designed to help you maximize your performance while in the DEP. Be sure to talk with your T3i Field Developer for help choosing the best plan to meet your training goals.  

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21 Day IFT Prep

Download and follow this easy-to-use beginners program to help prepare and improve your score on the IFT. GO

Tips To Reduce Overuse Injuries

This short and easy to read single page document provides practical advise on avoiding overuse injuries. GO

8 Week Cal

For the first 4 weeks, you will be working on basic strength with each workout. The last 4 weeks are groups of 3 circuits at each workout designed to increase muscle endurance in order to increase your repetitions on calisthenics while maintaining balance. GO

Spiritual Wellness 

As you prepare yourself for training, it is important for you to understand that spirituality is a crucial element in the total force fitness of warriors. Check out this document and learn more about maintaining your spiritual fitness. GO 


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